Startup Resources

Resources for Entrepreneurs 

Stable of Experts (SOE) Network

The SOE Network consists of highly accomplished, seasoned professionals with a passion for start-ups and small business. These individuals generously volunteer their expertise and guidance to help Central Oregon companies develop and grow, filling gaps and needs at critical junctures and acting as trusted advisors.

Startup Bend

Startup Bend provides coverage of local technology startup and entrepreneurial activity in Central Oregon. It is a project of the Tech Alliance of Central Oregon, a not-for-profit organization with a mission to connect technology professionals and create a vibrant startup community in the Northwest.

Business Oregon Website 

Oregon is a place where entrepreneurs and big thinkers are building diverse industries. Business Oregon networks with many organizations to help entrepreneurs find resources and access services to start a business in Oregon.

Oregon Technology Business Center (OTCB)

OTCB is an incubator for tech startups. They help entrepreneurs start companies by providing affordable office space with opportunities to learn from other resident startups, from their entrepreneur workshops, and from our coaching and mentoring. OTBC has a strong track record of helping companies start, launch, raise funding, and grow. See list of Oregon Accelerators/Incubators.

The Kauffman Foundation

The world’s largest foundation dedicated to entrepreneurship, Kauffman promotes entrepreneurial success at all levels, from elementary school students to high-growth entrepreneurs.  In addition to providing thought leadership on entrepreneurship and innovation, the Foundation offers education for entrepreneurs and publishes numerous research articles on key statistics and emerging trends.Kauffman Sketchbook 2


See the Kauffman Foundation’s YouTube channel for their sketchbooks on different entrepreneurial topics.

Business Owners Toolkit: Total Know-how for Small Business

Provides a guide on starting, planning, financing and hiring for small business as well as tools, checklists, forms and timelines that new business owners can incorporate into planning their business strategies.

 Introduction to Lean Startup

Watch this great introduction video on the Lean Startup. Janice Fraser, Co-Founder, and CEO of LuxR, provides a 30-minute educational video on the Lean Startup, a method for developing businesses and products.

Janice Fraser, founder and CEO of LUXr, a product design firm for startups, believes failure is glorified in Silicon Valley. But, she says, "there's more talk about failure than there's tolerance for it. It's disappointing when you realize [failure is] much more painful." 10 insights for investment pitches by panel of experienced entrepreneurs

A panel of investors discusses what they look for in elevator and longer format pitches. View this article for some important advice on how to ‘make the cut’.

The Lean Startup

Offers all things Lean Startup, presented by Eric Ries. Includes the Lean Startup Principles, the process in detail, and Lean Startup case studies. This is a great tool in learning how to be more efficient as an entrepreneur.

Eric Ries

The Lean Startup Circle

This is the largest community of practice around the Lean Startup, happening online. If you have a question about how Lean Startup might apply to your business or industry, this is a great place to start.

The Lean Startup Meetup Groups

You can find a real-time map of groups here. You can also find a list of cities where people are interested in starting a new group and tools to set one up yourself.

Lean Startup Map


StartupNation is a free service founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Online content includes tips written by entrepreneurs on such topics as marketing, productivity, motivation, and logistics; community offerings include interest groups, small business forums, and local connections.

StartUp America

Launched by President Obama in January 2011, Start-Up America is a coalition of mentors, advisors, funders, major corporations, and service providers.  The initiative seeks to deliver strategic and substantive resources to quickly scale companies.

While Start-Up America will encourage the creation of new startups, its principal focus is on speeding up the growth of existing firms with high-growth potential.  For the entrepreneurs who lead these “speedups”, Start-Up America assembles commitments from a wide range of companies and organizations to provide assistance for the challenges associated with expansion.

Startup America Partnership

UC Berkley Haas School of Business

The Lester Center for Entrepreneurship is an internationally recognized program for the study and promotion of entrepreneurship and new enterprise development. Five principal domains drive the program: technology-based entrepreneurship, new venture financing, social entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship and innovation, and regional entrepreneurship acceleration.

UC Berkeley Haas School of Business

US Small Business Administration

The Office of Advocacy is the voice for small business in the Federal Government and a well regarded source for small business statistics. This Research Resources guide is designed as a portal to direct faculty, students, and researchers to small business data and research.


Based out of the UK, VentureNavigator is a free online business support service offering business information resources and business assessments for creating and growing a new business. Some of the more applicable assessments include: General Business Viability, Investment Readiness, License Readiness, Supply Chain Diagnostic, Product Audit , and Design Process Audit.  Registration requiredVenture Navigator Logo

Wicked Start

Wicked Start is an online startup ‘incubator’ to help aspiring entrepreneurs start a business. Get a personalized startup checklist, guidance from a community of experts, and resources to plan, structure, fund and market a business idea. There  are great sample business plans and links to angel and crowd-funding investing options.

Starting a business involves planning, making key financial decisions and completing a series of legal activities. has 10 easy steps that can help you plan, prepare, and manage your business.

Ignitespot Outsourced Accounting

Ignitespot has served as the small business accounting firm for over 500 companies whose mission is to help every business in America become debt free and profitable by 10% or more. In February of 2015, they founded Accounting.How as an online resource for entrepreneurs and students to master accounting concepts.