BVC Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions for Companies Applying to the Bend Venture Conference


Q: Why is my application still showing as incomplete?

A: An application to the BVC is not complete until all applicable fields in the application are complete AND the submission fee is paid on GUST.


Q: Can I make changes/update my application once it has been submitted?

A: Yes. Changes to your application are encouraged. Your application needs to be complete by August 13th (the application deadline), but changes can be made as your business evolves, all the way up to the conference itself.


Q: I qualify for multiple competitions, can I apply to multiple tracks?

A: No. Each company can apply to only 1 track.


Q: My company is not located in Central Oregon, can I still apply to the Early Stage Track?

A: Yes. Companies from anywhere in the United States can now apply to the Early Stage Track.