Keynote Speaker

unnamedWe are thrilled to announce our 2015 Keynote, Darren Pleasance, who leads Google’s Global Customer Acquisitions team, and is based at Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

In his role, Darren leads a team of ~1,700 people in 32 countries focused on helping companies to use Google’s digital advertising services to grow their market share.

His team works with companies in all industries and teach them how to harness the power of “Search”, “Display Advertising”, and “YouTube” to attract, grow, and retain their customers.

Prior to joining Google, Darren was a Partner in McKinsey and Company’s North American Marketing & Sales Practice, and the founder and co-leader of McKinsey’s global Small and Medium Business (SMB) practice.   Prior to this role, Darren spent 10 years as a professional pilot in California and Alaska while also helping to launch and grow several small companies.  Darren continues to fly for fun today.


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