BVC Portfolio Test

Poached Jobs      $100,000 Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

A secondary investment of $100,000 was awarded to Poachedjobs, a hiring platform disrupting the jobs market for industries with high turnover rates. Starting with the restaurant industry.


Jama Software      $110,000 Fund Manager: Bruce Juhola

In 2008, Portland-based Jama Software won the Bend Venture Conference. Jama’s software is configured as a webservice and facilitates collaborative software product development. Eric Winquist, CEO and founder of Jama, says the $110,000 investment prize was instrumental in creating investor confidence that allowed the company to raise an additional $1 million in angel funding from other sources. In 2018, Jama Software announced a $200 million growth equity investment, the largest venture financing deal in the Pacific Northwest over the past five years. With this new funding, the BVC 2008 Investor, LLC voted to accept an offer to exit their investment.


Amplion      $250,000 Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

Maker of BioMarkerBase, the Clinical Biomarker Database, which gives you strategic control of the complete clinical biomarkers landscape, won the conference’s major prize, a $250,000 investment.


Sonivate Medical      $265,000 Fund Manager: Steve Westberg

In 2012, Portland-based Sonivate Medical took home the top investment prize of $265,000. Sonivate Medical develops and manufactures innovative technologies to reduce healthcare costs and expand access to diagnostic imaging. Winning the 2012 Bend Venture Conference allowed Sonivate Medical to initiate their go-to-market activities including integration with their first distribution partner, building their first set of probes that are available for sale, and clinical demonstrations at Madigan Medical Center and Yale University.


Nouvola      $250,000 Fund Manager: Steve Westberg

In 2013, Portland-based Nouvola kicked off its success story at BVC where it won the top investment prize of $250,000. This win sparked further investment from the 2014 Oregon Entrepreneur Network’s Angel Oregon and the Southern Oregon Angel Conference, completing the “Triple Crown” of angel conferences. Nouvola specializes in providing companies insight into how apps will function and helps troubleshoot those apps before they are released to the world.
Elemental Technologies      $150,000 Fund Manager: Bruce Juhola

In 2007, BVC winner Elemental Technologies Inc. (ETI) took home a $150,000 investment prize. The company got its start from a group of three engineers from Pixelworks, the Portland-based maker of digital video chips. Elemental creates software that makes sophisticated video production possible on a more affordable basis. CEO and co-founder Sam Blackman was able to parlay investments from Oregon Angel Fund, Pixelworks, and BVC in later successful rounds of financing.In late 2015 Amazon announced the acquisition of Elemental Technologies for nearly $300 million. The transaction represents the first acquisition for a BVC company.
Clearflow     $150,000 Fund Manager: Dan Hobin
The 2006 BVC winner of a $150,000 investment prize was Dr. Ed Boyle of Bend-based Clear Catheter Solutions. The company has developed a medical drainage device that helps patients of heart, lung and chest surgeries patients recover more safely. BVC investment prize money allowed Clear Catheter to form their management team and to license a patent; shortly thereafter, the company raised an additional $600,000 that made human trials possible.

clearflow full

RES Equine      $250,000 Fund Manager: Steve Westberg

In 2011, Redmond-based RES Equine, a manufacturer of protective horse equipment which uses a patent pending closure system, was selected by investors of the BVC, LLC (the conference’s investment arm) for the top investment prize of $250,000, beating out four other finalists in the category.
res equine
Manzama      $200,000 Fund Manager: Bruce Juhola

In 2010, BVC winner Manzama took home a $200,000 investment prize. Peter Ozolin, Manzama CEO, said he was glad that the investors recognized the emotion and conviction behind his company. Manzama’s software helps attorneys and practice groups specifically identify information about their practice through automatic searches done from the vast electronic domain.

manzama full

Perfect Co      $125,000 Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

A secondary investment of $125,000 was awarded to Perfect Company, a Vancouver, Wash., company revolutionizing cooking with a connected scale and interactive recipe solution.


Odysys      $205,000 Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

Growth Stage finalist, Odysys, which helps hotels drive more direct bookings at a lower cost by allowing hoteliers to connect, manage and track digital marketing efforts with one simple platform, won the conference’s major prize, a $205,000 investment.


Hubb      $140,000 Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

Growth Stage Winner, Hubb, a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that automates the business process for collecting, managing and marketing the abstracts, speakers and sponsors for conferences and meetings, was awarded $140,000.


RFPIO      $100,000 Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

A secondary investment of $100,000 was awarded to RFPIO Inc. (Portland, Ore.), a SaaS solution that streamlines the RFP response process and increases the win rate through automation, collaboration and Salesforce integration.


Hemex Health      $50,000 Fund Manager: Ryan Andrews

Hemex Health (Portland, Ore.), a company that provides new diagnostics for malaria and sickle cell disease, was awarded $50,000.


OpConnect      $50,000 Fund Manager: Ryan Andrews

A second investment of $50,000 was awarded to OpConnect (Portland, Ore.), a company that sells and operates smart electric vehicle charging stations.


LeadMethod      $110,000+ Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

Growth Stage Winner, LeadMethod was awarded $110,000+. LeadMethod is the first Channel Revenue Optimization software to get channel partner engagement and feedback in order to increase revenue.


Handful      $100,000 Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

Growth Stage Winner, Handful was awarded $100,000. Handful makes lifestyle products for women that are flattering, versatile and feel great no matter what life throws your way.


Green Theme International      $110,000+ Fund Manager: Ryan Andrews

Social Impact Winner, Green Theme International was awarded $110,000+. The next generation in textile performance, durability, value and environmental sustainability with clean chemistry and water free solution.


Talkoot      $135,000+ Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

One of the Growth Stage Winners, Talkoot was awarded $135,000+. An intuitive, cloud-based tool that helps teams create high volumes of product copy.


CommLoan      $100,000 Fund Manager: Jason Moyer

One of the Growth Stage Winners, CommLoan was awarded $100,000. A commercial real estate finance marketplace reducing the cost and time it takes to secure commercial real estate loans.


OCO Corporation      $100,000 Fund Manager: Brian Vierra

Impact Winner, CommLoan was awarded $100,000. Converts carbon dioxide generated by industrial and fossil fuel burning power plants into a value-added platform chemical, formic acid.