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2018 BVC Finalists

These are the 2018 BVC finalists to present at the Bend Venture Conference on October 18th and 19th.

In alphabetical order, the five Early Stage finalists that will compete at the Bend Venture Conference the morning of Friday, October 19th are:

  1. Ella & Oak (Bend, Ore.) – An online bridal marketplace for plus-size brides bringing the “try and buy” experience home to consumers before making the big purchase.
  2. LuDela (Bend, Ore.) – Bringing smart technology to the scented candle space.
  3. Plover, Inc. (Portland, Ore.) – A carwash machine that utilizes computer vision and modern robotics to clean cars using only steam and water.
  4. Raaft (Bend, Ore.) – Provider of easy-to-use software that helps software as a service (SAAS) companies reduce customer cancellations.
  5. ZibaHub (Portland, Ore.) – A professional social networking platform connecting health and beauty practitioners to jobs, customers, and each other.

In alphabetical order, the five Growth Stage finalists that will compete at the Bend Venture Conference the afternoon of Friday, October 19th are:

  1. Caligoo (Bend, Ore.) – A mobile customer journey software platform providing predictive and personalized experiences that sense, learn, reason, and react in real-time to target customers and reach applications goals.
  2. CommLoan, Inc. (Scottsdale, AZ) – A commercial real estate finance marketplace reducing the cost and time it takes to secure a commercial real estate loan.
  3. Stabilitas (Seattle, WA) – An AI engine designed for security teams that allows us to do the work of 1,000 human analysts in real-time.
  4. Talkoot, Inc. (Hood River, Ore) – An intuitive, cloud-based tool that helps teams create high volumes of product copy.
  5. TransformativeMed (Seattle, Wash.) – Develops SaaS apps enabling physicians and nurses to deliver better patient care by making hospital medical records intuitive and easy to use.

In alphabetical order, the four Impact Competition finalists that will compete at the Bend Venture Conference on Thursday, October 18th are:

  1. Asarasi, Inc. (Katonah, NY) – Certified USDA organic plant-based water sourced from maple trees without compromising the groundwater table.
  2. Dweller, Inc. (Portland, Ore.) – Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) built using modular construction and an innovative ownership structure to reduce the cost of housing in dense cities.
  3. OCO Corporation (Vida, Ore.) – Converts carbon dioxide generated by industrial and fossil fuel burning power plants into a value-added platform chemical, formic acid.
  4. ROTBLOC (Bend, Ore.) – A sustainable post wrap for wood trellis systems and ranch fencing that lengthens post life while preventing ground line rot.

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