The Bend Venture Conference is hosted by Economic Development for Central Oregon (EDCO). EDCO staff, along with a planning committee, interns, and an army of volunteers make the BVC happen, now in its fourteenth year!

For BVC and other EDCO event information including sponsorship opportunities, contact our Events Manager

For information regarding applying and presenting at the BVC, or to inquire about investing in the BVC, LLC Fund, contact our Venture Catalyst.

If you would like to receive press releases regarding the BVC, or have other press related inquiries, contact our Marketing & Communications Manager.

705 SW Bonnett Way, #1000
Bend, Oregon 97702
Resources for Entrepreneurs

Erin Reilly      Membership Development/Events Manager

I’m passionate about EDCO and economic development because…
I love connecting people, businesses, ideas and resources together and “watching the magic happen.”
The EDCO project I’m most proud of (and why)…
Anything where EDCO has tried doing something a little (or a LOT) different.
I live in Central Oregon because…
Bend was literally the only place I was willing to leave 12 years on Maui for. My new paradise.
When I’m not working, you’ll find me…
On the River Trail with my dog Sam, he’s the naughty one off-leash…
My Central Oregon happy place is…
Snowboarding on Mt. Bachelor!
My favorite local beverage is…
Humm Kombucha, any fun new flavor
Ask me about…
Maui, anytime!
Brian Vierra      Venture Catalyst

What is a Venture Catalyst? Why is it important for startups?
A Venture Catalyst, in a nutshell, is someone who connects early stage entrepreneurs and founders with resources. These resources include capital, mentors and advisors and physical resources such as labs and incubators/ accelerators.
What is the biggest mistake a startup can make when competing in an Angel Conference?
Not taking the time to clearly define the problem a startup is solving is the most common pitfall. This is also the easiest factor for an investor to use in coming to an easy “no”.
As an investor, what is the first thing you look for during due diligence?
The first I look for is the right founder. I would rather invest in a great founder with a good idea, than a great idea with a good founder.
BVC has grown significantly over the years, what do you see the future of the conference looking like?
I believe that the conference is going to start living up to its name as a “venture” conference, rather than just an angel conference. The caliber of companies applying to the conference each year continues to increase. As the invest fund increases over $1 million USD, companies that are seeking our Series A investments will apply.
What is the most rewarding part of being the venture catalyst?
The most rewarding part of the job for me is being introduced to some of the most interesting and innovative ideas, very early on, that Oregon businesses are developing.